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Volunteer Information

POPPA is always looking for the finest of the Finest to volunteer.  Our volunteer network is comprised of both active-duty and retired police officers of all ranks – from Chief to police officer.  To become a POPPA Peer Support Officer (PSO), access the volunteer application through the link below.  Choose either Active or Retired, complete the 1-page application, and click Submit.  The application will be reviewed and you will be notified regarding the next step.  There is an in-person interview process and training is free.

The requirements are a strong desire to help other cops and a willingness to be available to staff a Helpline or respond to an officer in need.

Once you are qualified and receive training to be a PSO, you will be serving tens of thousands of active and retired police officers not just in the NYC area, but perhaps across the USA as we have retiree teams in several states.

Active-duty officers will be assigned to the Active Helpline.  Retired officers will be assigned to the Retiree Helpline.

Click here for your Volunteer Application.