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Mental Health & Substance Use Screening


POPPA’s clients attest to the positive outcome of working with the agency. Police officers recently have told POPPA, for example:

  • “I am writing this in hope, that should someone on the job, or ready to retire find themselves in the same place I was, that there is hope.

    I was ready to retire. I was drinking every day as soon as I came home from work. I was completely miserable. My husband and I had gotten as far apart as possible. I was still working and was supposed to go to the pension section in the near future, when I just couldn’t take it anymore. I found myself to be unable to live without alcohol. I even considered suicide! I never thought I could consider such a thought. I didn’t want to go out like that. I finally got to the point where I had to tell someone what I had going on. I was lucky enough to have a friend at work who knew about POPPA. I was given the number to call, which I did.

    I can’t express the gratitude I have today. I felt like my life was over, and now I have a future. I was sent to detox, then to rehab. I was then given time to actually get my life together while going to Alcoholics Anonymous. This is where I learned how to live as an alcoholic and be happy.

    I have since put my papers in to retire. I would have never imagined that life could be so good. Not only has my life in general changed, but, the relationships around me have changed.

    As I said initially, I am so grateful to POPPA for helping me to be as healthy, mentally and physically, as I was when I came on the job.”

    21 year NYPD veteran

  • “I just want to take time to thank you, POPPA, for saving my life. When I entered the program in March, I never informed anyone that I had thoughts of suicide. I was an officer on patrol looking for a situation of killing or being killed. I was frustrated, angry, bitter, tired, depressed and lonely. I felt that no one cared about or understood me; not my family and definitely not anyone at work.

    I felt that I was the only supervisor who cared about things going on around me. I was tired of caring, and I was tired of being the only one who cared.

    I was frustrated with my family. I felt that my family wanted only to destroy my dreams and to live in the ghetto. I was tired of trying and failing at life. I blamed everyone but myself for my situation. Death was a way to stop the pain.

    POPPA changed my life and gave me life. I’ve learned that when a man gets himself together, his whole world comes together. I learned to give myself permission to make choices that are positive for me and that make me happy. My own happiness is the most important thing I can give myself. Then I can care about and help others. The only one who can change my situation in life is me.The time I spent at POPPA allowed me to slow down and examine myself. After 18 years on this job, I really needed that time with POPPA. I needed to learn how to live and to love myself. Life is worth living. I thank God for POPPA.”

    –18 year NYPD veteran

  • “I am writing to thank the staff of POPPA for the assistance you gave me during a very trying time in my life. I have battled with alcohol addiction for many years. It was a battle I thought I could never win. Until I turned to POPPA for help.

    The care and compassion you gave me was more than I could ever have expected. The time you gave me and the treatment I received was vital in my early days of recovery. I was able to enter into recovery without fear.

    I feel that POPPA has not only saved my life, but has given me back my life; a life free from alcohol and all the negative effects it brings. The services you provide to police officers are imperative.”

    –NYC police officer