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Mental Health & Substance Use Screening

Military Programs

POPPA has two military programs for members of NYPD returning from active duty:  the Military Returnee Program and the Military Support Group.  Our confidential peer services are free and referrals to other services are available.


Military Returnees

Officers returning from military deployment to their NYPD assignments receive a one-day assignment to POPPA.  One goal is to provide education on potential signs of PTSD within this unique subgroup of police officers who may have higher levels of exposure to traumatic events from both their NYPD and military experiences.  These dual service officers are given the necessary support to decompress and are provided with skills to navigate re-entry from deployment to home and work.  Officers are also given information from the Veterans’ Administration and other agencies that support a return to healthy interactions with family, friends, and co-workers.


Military Support Group

Facilitating the process of healing is part of the psychoeducational philosophy at POPPA.  The ongoing Military Support Group is facilitated by former military PSOs.  Group topics are based on the needs of group members and have included dealing with stress, PTSD, substance use, adjusting to potential changes at work and at home, communication skills, family issues, and coping with the suicide of a military colleague.