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Mental Health & Substance Use Screening

Military Programs

POPPA has two military programs for the members of NYPD returning from active duty, Military Returnees and Military Support Group. Our confidential services are gratis and peer-facilitated. Referral services are available, if and when the MOS determines this is necessary.

Military Returnees
MOSs returning from the military battlefield overseas to the battlefield of the streets receive a one day assignment to POPPA. Police officers and military soldiers are both warriors and have jobs that expose them to similar trauma. Those returning from military service get a double dose. They are given the necessary support for intellectual and emotional healing and re-entry from combat to home and work. Officers are also given additional information from the Veterans Administration and other agencies that support a return to healthy interaction with family, friends and co-workers.

Military Support Group
The process of healing is part of our psychoeducational philosophy here at POPPA. The Military Support group is facilitated by former military PSOs who are familiar with both the issues of being in combat and returning to patrol, while transitioning back to family life. The complicated nature of the assimilation of being human is explored in a safe, confidential environment. Some of the topics discussed can include anger management, alcohol/substance abuse and good relationship habits.